Wild Quail Parts & Pieces #3

Each surrogator has a water supply and waterer. Water is contained in a 15 gallon barrel on top of the surrogator. The twist tie in this picture marks the water level in the water level indicator. During the trial run in the barnyard, I noticed a slight lead and wanted to measure the potential water […]

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The test run for raising wild quail in a Quail Surrogator

Before I actually put wild quail chicks into the quail surrogator, it was recommended that I set it up and make sure that the heater and gas worked and that the watering system worked. Quail Surrogator Test Setup I set the quail surrogator up in the barnyard.  This provided me with a protected environment where […]

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Hunting pen raised quail

Wild Quail vs. Pen Raised Quail Sometimes you may find that pen raised quail is your only option.  There aren’t very many wild quail in Central Texas. Modern farming methods of fence to fence cultivation have all but eliminated the brushy, weedy fence rows that wild quail need. Additionally, most pastures have been planted with grass […]

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