Scouting for Texas Duck Hunting

If you want to be successful Texas duck hunting, then you need to put in some scouting time.  I let my “duck club” membership lapse because I wanted to get a little more adventurous with my Texas duck hunting.  Instead of paying the duck club membership and hunt fees, I bought and fixed up a […]

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Bobwhite Quail Surrogator Release – Reversing the Bobwhite Quail Decline

There is a lot of talk in recent years about the Bobwhite Quail Decline – also being called idiopathic decline.  Something is definitely harming the wild populations of bobwhite quail.  As I see it, we have a couple choices – do nothing or do something.  I’m not willing to “do nothing” because I truly enjoy […]

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Wild Quail Release #4 and Wild Quail Feeders

I’ve noticed a lot of inquiries about wild quail feeders and feeding wild quail chicks and adults.  I have some experience with feed, feeding and feeders at all stages of life for wild bobwhite quail and I’ll outline what I’ve learned below.  I also need to close the chapter on last year’s final quail release […]

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