Create Your Own Survival Kit List

I’ve been on this project for almost 2 years now and I’ve developed some pretty strong opinions about survival kits, emergency food, emergency survival and, most important, your survival kit list.  I live near Bastrop Texas where we recently had a huge wildfire.  We weren’t harmed but do live just a few miles North of […]

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Build Survival Kit – Deluxe, Altoid Tin, Pocket & Wilderness

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research recently on the variety of survival kits available as I build my everyday survival kit. There is an almost overwhelming array of choices available. Just as a brief example, there is a UST S Deluxe Survival Kit that should cover just about anything you need while camping. There is the altoid tin survival kit that is home made, inexpensive and customized. Closely related to that is the pocket size survival kit – again something that, in and of itself, has almost too many choices. There are wisdom emergency survival kits for specific events like earth quakes and wilderness survival kits. And that is just the tip of the iceberg in survival kits – Continue Reading

Condiments from my Survival Kit List

My survival kit list budget has taken a hit due to the dip in the economy.  I consider my survival kit list and emergency essentials a critical part of my family wealth and protection planning so I’m unwilling to just reduce the budget to $0. My original monthly budget for my survival kit building was […]

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