Survival Plans

Monthly “Free” Survival Kit Items

Along with purchasing specific items to build my survival kit, I noticed that we have a number of “free” items around the house.  Examples include things like soap and shampoo that we’ve received during our hotel stays, toothbrushes and dental floss that we get from every dentist visit, condiment packages that we receive with take […]

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Budget Vs Time – Survival Kits for Paupers

I found I had 2 constraints while I was building the plan to build my survival kit. Time – I wanted to have something useful as quickly as possible and then build the survival kit up from there. Money – I can’t break the bank doing this so I decided to budget $100/mo to build the kit. <a href="”> [ Read More → ]

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Survival kit plan categories for every day survival kit

I decided to break my huge plan down into several categories to make it easier to assemble and manage and every day survival kit. Looking at the exhaustive list of items that I needed to build my survival kit, i decided that the following categories made sense. <a href="”> [ Read More → ]

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