Survival Kit Backpack

Previously, I’d only purchased a food kit from I liked what I received and decided to give the entire kit a try.  There are a ton of low cost emergency survival kits available on the market and this is not one of them.  These units are somewhat pricey but definitely pack a whallop.  They are critical items on my survival gear list and a top survival kit priority.


The survival kit is contained within a nice backpack.

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Emergency Freeze Dried Food


The survival kit include the typical two week food supply kit. This freeze dried food is an important part of my earthquake survival kit that I keep stored in my basement.

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 Water Purification and Heat for Cooking Freeze Dried Emergency Food

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But it also has some extra items. In this picture we have a water purification bottle, steel cup and food heating unit to round out your survival kit.  There are other water purification systems available and they should definitely be a part of your 1 week emergency survival gear list.

It also contained some additional handy items that I will detail in my next post.


Monthly “Free” Survival Kit Items

Along with purchasing specific items to build my survival kit, I noticed that we have a number of “free” items around the house.  Examples include things like soap and shampoo that we’ve received during our hotel stays, toothbrushes and dental floss that we get from every dentist visit, condiment packages that we receive with take out food.

I’ve included these items in my monthly survival kit building plan.


Building Your Own Survival Gear

I’m also constantly curious as to how I can easily and inexpensively learn how to make survival gear.  There are a wide range of choices available and the most important criteria I’ve found is that they be ultimately useful – not just a good idea, but really have a useful place in my plan to build a survival kit.