Wild Quail Surrogator Parts & Pieces 2

Baby quail need 95 degree temperatures and adequate protein feed to survive for their first few weeks of life in a quail surrogator. There are a number of studies about how to raise quail that show that wild quail can’t be supplemented using a quail surrogator. There are a number of different approaches to building […]

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Surrogator Parts and Pieces – Quail Raising Supplies

  The wild quail surrogator for raising wild quail, maybe the most important piece of quail raising supplies, comes in parts & pieces that need to be assembled. This is actually a good thing as it makes it quite easy to move the surrogator from one place to another.       Wild Quail Raising […]

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The test run for raising wild quail in a Quail Surrogator

Before I actually put wild quail chicks into the quail surrogator, it was recommended that I set it up and make sure that the heater and gas worked and that the watering system worked. Quail Surrogator Test Setup I set the quail surrogator up in the barnyard.  This provided me with a protected environment where […]

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