Loading the Wild Quail Chicks

I ordered 125 1 day old wild quail chicks from a supplier in Mountain Home, TX. He graciously met me in Kerrville to deliver the birds. The wild quail chicks were delivered in a small cardboard box. Hard to believe that there are 125 of them in there. Well, maybe not. One day old wild […]

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Initial Setup of a Surrogator in the Field

After selecting the location for our first field trial, it’s time to setup the Surrogator to house the wild bobwhite quail to release in the wild. We assembled the heating unit and the water so the wild quail chicks will have ample heat. Hard to imagine that they need heat in the TExas Summer but […]

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Wild Quail Parts & Pieces #3

Each surrogator has a water supply and waterer. Water is contained in a 15 gallon barrel on top of the surrogator. The twist tie in this picture marks the water level in the water level indicator. During the trial run in the barnyard, I noticed a slight lead and wanted to measure the potential water […]

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