How NOT To Raise Bobwhite Quail in a Surrogator

Raising bobwhite quail in a Surrogator doesn’t work – so say most of the experts out there. There is even quite a bit of bobwhite quail research from universities that have scads of data that confirms that raising wild quail in a surrogator doesn’t work. OK, so why do I keep doing it and where […]

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Week 4 in the Surrogator

Not much happened during week of raising wild quail. We lost 6 more birds and they are growing quite well. Next week will be week 5 and the end of the cycle so we will release them – should be exciting! The wild quail chicks are feathering out nicely at four weeks of age. [sc:rwqvid_call_to_action] […]

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Week 1 in the surrogator

Most of the wild quail chicks survived their first week in the Surrogator. We did, however, lose 15 so the count is down from 125 to 110.   [sc:rwqvid_call_to_action] Unfortunately, I was out of town that week and don’t have any pictures. More wild quail chicks next week!   Update Get caught up on the […]

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