Water Purification Kit

Clean water is essential to survival and a water purification kit is the best way to get clean, drinkable water.  Unclean water can lead to bacterial or viral infestation which then leads to diaharrea which then leads to dehydration which then creates a viscious cycle repeating itself as you seek more water.  There are a […]

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Sterno in your Survival Kit

There are a couple schools of thought on the appropriateness of Sterno or canned heat in a survival kit. One school of thought is that it is dangerously volatile and should not be included in your survival gear. Another school of thought is that, as a heat source, it absolutely belongs on your emergency preparedness […]

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Survival Kit Backpack

Previously, I’d only purchased a food kit from I liked what I received and decided to give the entire kit a try.  There are a ton of low cost emergency survival kits available on the market and this is not one of them.  These units are somewhat pricey but definitely pack a whallop.  They […]

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