Coon Zappers, Callbacks and Feeding Wild Quail

This year’s first batch of quail chicks have almost 4 weeks in the surrogator so I figured it was time to get caught up on some of the “extra” things we’ve been doing to raise and feed wild quail. We implemented a form of predator control on some of the quail range feeders, tried a callback device to attract the released bobwhite quail, used game cameras to monitor and measure our progress feeding wild quail, repaired the surrogator and prototyped a wild quail feeder to find the best feeder for quail chicks. It’s been a busy Spring leading up to loading our first batch of quail chicks. <a href="”> [ Read More → ]

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Raising Wild Quail

In December of 2008, I got a new puppy, who brought on the long and unexpected, but rewarding journey of raising wild quail. When I first looked at getting another dog, it was strictly to keep my other dog, our “lawn furniture”, company- it was so much more. She’s the first dog I’ve ever had […]

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