Bird Hunting in Texas – Central Zone Opening Day

Bird hunting in Texas (at least the central zone) started off in excellent form!

I hunted Dove opening day in Florence, TX at a friend’s place. Surprisingly, all the birds were Mourning Dove. I’ve seen a lot of Whitewings during the past few months so was very surprised not to see any at this location on opening day.

Nevertheless, the little grey rockets are a ton of fun to hunt.

I prefer to hunt early dove with my favorite 28 gauge.
This is my pup’s first full season and she got a great workout hunting birds.

After bird hunting in Texas, I like to cook the birds that day.

Here, I breasted them, quick fried them in a little olive oil with some random seasoning I found in my wife’s pantry.┬áIt is very easy to overcook dove and quail. I like high heat and about 45 seconds on each side – just enough so that they are still a little pink on the inside.
I had a hunger for gravy to go with my dove so I
combined a small can of mild green chiles with 1/2 cup of milk cooked slowly in the remaining oil/seasoning. It was delightful.
Bird hunting in Texas has A LOT to offer!