Summer Practice for Quail Hunting in Texas

Summer doldrums – time for some practice for quail hunting in Texas. My dog is a naturally bred pointer but those pointing dogs can also develop some nasty and unsafe habits if they aren’t trained on a regular basis. Particularly, breaking from steady to wing and steady to shot or failing to retrieve well. They are natural bird finders and chasers and that’s what makes them great pointing dogs. That also makes them unsafe dogs because breaking from a point can either flush birds too early or have them jump up in front of shooters. Likewise, failing to retrieve completely – and taking the downed bird for themselves – can lead to all sorts of problems and frustrations. This sort of practice is also useful for Texas pheasant hunts. Since the real season for quail hunting in Texas is so short, I find it very worthwhile to train a little bit all year long.

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Summary of Summer Practice for Quail Hunting in Texas

There is a long dry stretch between the seasons for quail hunting in Texas and a dog’s memory regarding the rules of the game – steady to wing and steady to shot – can get a little rusty since our last time Texas bird hunting. I purchased a bird launcher and a few pigeons to give a try at some backyard training for a Texas pheasant hunt. The training went well – although I wouldn’t do it often as it was labor intensive – and the dog’s memory was successfully refreshed and she’s ready again for another season of quail hunting in Texas.