Texas Goose Hunt for Sand Hill Cranes

Texas goose hunt can become a hunt for sandhill cranes which are legal to hunt in many counties in Texas.

The season in Central TX usually starts the first weekend before Christmas and end in late February. Cranes have excellent vision and may be some of the most challenging waterfowl to hunt.

It is not uncommon to hunt Sand Hill Cranes while going on a Texas goose hunt or duck hunt in Austin.  I prefer to use different loads for Sand Hill Cranes than for geese or ducks.  My experience is that Hevi Shot #2 (the coyote loads) work better on cranes than the heaviest steel shot in T, BBB or BB – which is a typical Texas goose hunt load.  I find that the smaller and heavier Hevi Shot #2 penetrates the heavy feathers of a crane more effectively than T, BBB or BB.