Pheasant Hunting in Amarillo

You can’t really expect to go to the far most Southern range of Central North America pheasants and expect to see birds like you might in South Dakota. Nevertheless, I go each year to Amarillo to hunt with my cousins and friends.

Walking the line in CRP for Pheasants in Texas

It’s usually a loosely connected group of 15 to 20 people with a lot of kids and young dogs.

Friona TX Pheasant Hunting Geo Map

The flat and broad CRP and harvested grain fields West require that you have a pretty large group of people or the pheasants will just run around you.

Friona Tx Pheasant Hunting Sky
One of the reasons I go every year, is to enjoy the company of my friends and to marvel at the huge expanses that are North West Texas.
Friona TX Pheasant Hunt Find
I also almost always find some really intriguing old building during our hunts. In this case, an old storm cellar. I can imagine that the settlers in this area were very wary of the tornados!
Friona Pheasant Hunt Old Building
Lastly, the immensity of the scenery while walking the fields with good friends and great dogs just makes pheasant hunting in Texas almost unbeatable. Sometimes we even manage to bring down a bird or two!