I Miss Texas Waterfowl Hunting

Wow – I really miss Texas waterfowl hunting – especially duck hunting. The ducks were late getting off this year – I continued seeing them on local ponds until late April. We had a magnificent year with a huge duck hatch in the prairie pothole region and then a scarcity of water in Texas to really concentrate them. I changed my hunting tactics a little this year by un-joining my duck hunting club in favor of purchasing a john boat and hunting the river right behind my house. This also gave me more opportunities to take my kids duck hunting with me. Rather than a long trip and over night stay to hunt ducks, I could sleep in until 6AM and still be on the river and setup by shooting time. Now, all I’m left with are some great memories and pictures to while my time until Texas waterfowl season starts again and it’s time for some duck hunting in Texas.

The Majesty of Texas Waterfowl Hunting Weather

Early Morning Texas Waterfowl Hunting on the River
Fog Sets In On Early Morning Texas Waterfowl Hunting

One of the advantages of Texas waterfowl hunting in Central Texas is the wide variety of weather conditions – there is just never a dull moment. I particularly favor the cold, foggy mornings when it’s hard to see but easy to hear. It’s like magic when the ducks just appear out of nowhere into your spread.







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Easy Portable Duck Hunting Blinds

Yellow Grass Portable Texas Waterfowl Blind on a Sandbank in a River
Grass & Conduit Portable Texas Waterfowl Blind

I really enjoy hunting the river and the amazing array of choices for where to hunt for Texas waterfowl. I know a lot of duck hunters like to get there very early and get “their” spot and I don’t mind. I like variety and portability. I made up a quick and dirty portable duck blind that I can easily carry and setup almost anywhere. I made it out of 6 conduit pipes and a couple of grass mats. The only drawback is that my dog has trouble seeing out of it.





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Take Your Kids Duck Hunting in Texas

White and Red Dog with Blond Girl Texas Waterfowl Hunting
Take Your Dogs and Kids Texas Waterfowl Hunting

I absolutely love hunting with my daughters – but one at a time. They don’t shoot yet but are always ready and willing to join me on an outing. This precious one on one time is too valuable to pass up. Sometimes we don’t even have much to say to each other – just the experience of being together and sharing an adventure hunting Texas waterfowl is enough.







A Happy Dog and a Full Strap of Texas Waterfowl

Red and White Brittany Texas Waterfowl Retriever with Grey Ducks
Unusual Texas Waterfowl Retriever

Another advantage to hunting on the river is the availability of natural brush to create your own blind. There always seems to be plenty of downfall laying around to quickly build a blind. Now, it won’t be the most concealed blind that you’ve ever seen but come on – they’re ducks! I think a good spread and sitting still until they commit is good enough – my dog and the full strap of Texas waterfowl seem to indicate that I might be on to something.






Unique Bird from Goose Hunting in Texas

Rust Head Blue Goose from Goose Hunting in Texas
Rust Head Blue Trophy Goose from Goose Hunting in Texas

I also really enjoy a goose hunting – especially snow goose hunting. Snow geese are so very wary that it makes hunting them a real challenge. I especially enjoy picking out the blue geese among the flocks of white snow geese – that’s an even rarer treat. I shot this one in a late Texas waterfowl season conservation order hunt and was drawn to it’s curious red/orange head. A little research pointed out that these birds get that color on their head from eating corn that has a lot of rust in it. It was the first one like this that I’d ever seen.





Summary of Texas Waterfowl Hunting

I miss hunting Texas waterfowl – especially the ducks. I love the wide variety of weather conditions we have for duck hunting in Texas. I’m enjoying my change from a hunting club to a wilder public hunt location on a local river. I’ve developed an easily portable duck blind that allows me to setup almost anywhere I find ducks to hunt. While I do know that a duck blind is important, I also think that’s it’s easy to over do it and not give enough priority to the spread, sitting still and waiting until they commit. I also enjoy goose hunting in Texas – particularly for the unique birds among the large flocks. I miss hunting Texas waterfowl and can’t wait until it starts up again in September.