Texas Quail Hunt for Pen Raised Quail

If you are looking for a Texas Quail Hunt, there aren’t many wild quail in the Central Texas area. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to go without quail. You actually have three options for a Texas quail hunt – wild bobwhite quail or blue quail on a lease or land that you own, use a bobwhite quail surrogator to restore your own wild quail population or hunt pen raised bobwhite quail on a preserve.  Even the National Quail Hunting Forecast doesn’t show much promise for quail hunting in Texas.

Types of Texas Quail Hunt

Hunting wild quail can be very challenging and expensive.  The populations of wild quail have varied widely over the past few years due to both the drought and what the scientists are calling “idiopathic decline”. In addition to the difficulty of finding wild quail, the costs of quail hunting leases are increasing dramatically every year.  South Texas quail hunts and quail leases are probably some of the best examples of this type of Texas quail hunt.

Using a surrogator to restore a will ailqu population on your property is simple but it is not easy.  Raising wild quail requires a substantial investment in a surrogator and an even greater investment in time for an uncertain payoff.  The surrogators work like a charm to get the wild quail from 0 to 5 weeks.  What happens after that, and your eventual success, depends almost entirely on your ability and willingness to make and manage habitat improvements.

A Texas quail hunt for pen raised quail is the easiest option.  In fact, this is the most convenient option for a quail hunt near Austin Texas.  You can often find a very affordable option within an hour drive of where you live.  The biggest benefit of this type of quail hunt is that you KNOW there will be birds.  The drawback is that a Texas quail hunt for pen raised quail is NOT a wild quail hunt.  The birds behave differently and your dog will behave differently as well.

Texas Quail Hunt for Penraised Bobwhite Quail

Hunting Pen Raised Bobwhite Quail

Pen raised quail can offer a challenging and very social hunt or a great opportunity to do some detail work on your hunting dog.


Teaching your dog to be steady to wing and shot can be a challenge if you have trouble finding live birds to work with. Pen raised quail offer an outstanding opportunity to know exactly where the birds are so that you can work closely with your dog – and still have the pleasure of a Texas quail hunt.