Gunfitting from a 10 year-old for Duck Hunting in Texas

I love taking my children with me when I go duck hunting in Texas. My girls are still young and don’t shoot yet but the time spent in the field, one on one, is irreplaceable. I’m confident that one day, they will each want to shoot but until that time comes, I’ll continue taking them with me and gently encouraging them to learn and experience something new each time. As a prelude to having my oldest hunt with me, I took her to my shooting coach to make sure that the “new” gun I purchase would fit her. Here is my daughter’s perspective on getting her new gun fit checked by my shooting coach.

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A Gun Fitting for Duck Hunting in Texas

When I got my gun fitted we put a little dot on my shooting goggles on the left side so I couldn’t “see” with my left eye. Then I mounted the gun like I was going to shoot. The BB Gun was really light and just my size and the shotgun was heaviest and a little bit bigger. I can’t see over the barrel of the shotgun, and I’m glad that we are taking the sights off the BB Gun. They are distracting. When we were finished we decided that both guns were about the right size and that we would knock the sights off the BB Gun.

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Summary on Gunfitting for Duck Hunting in Texas

A little perspective is probably worthwhile.

  • I discovered by working with her with a BB Gun that she is right handed and left eye dominant. She was “mostly” left handed up until she was about 2 years old but then shifted to right-handedness. This probably leads to her being right handed and left eye dominant.
  • I subscribe to the “Shoot Where You Look” philosophy from Leon Measures. I did it about 5 years ago when I wanted to improve my shooting before going on my annual dove hunt in Mexico and got a ton of value from it. Lil likes the idea of learning with a BB Gun and I’ve set up a BB Collector in the basement for her to practice.
  • I shoot Sporting Clays competitively and began working a coach about 3 years ago. He’s great and I wanted to make sure that the shotgun and BB Gun that I got for my daughter were a good physical fit before proceeding with her BB Gun training.