Early Teal Portion of Duck Hunting in Texas

The Early Teal portion of the duck hunting in Texas Season makes me a little nuts.

I wait for seven and one half months to get back in the water with my dog. I even start planning and purchasing decoys for my duck hunting in Texas as early as June. It is preceded slightly by the start of Texas Dove Season which always starts on the first of September. I like dove hunting – a lot. But I really love duck hunting in Texas and the early teal dive bombers are some of my favorites.

It has been estimated that less than 20% of Texas bird hunters take advantage of the early teal season. Early teal season starts on September 11 this year.

Early Teal Season is designed to allow the waterfowler an opportunity to hunt blue winged teal as they migrate from their roosting grounds in the Northern US and Canada as they migrate to their winter haunts in Mexico and Central America.

Teal are probably the most fun type of duck hunting in Texas and certainly the most delicious to eat.

Teal fly like little jets and often will surprise you as they dive from several thousand feet in the air to land gracefully on the pond at your feet.

Teal hunting in Texas starts early. You need to be in the blind and ready to hunt by the first rays of daylight. Often, the hunting is over by no later than 830 AM.

If you want an amazing Texas bird hunting experience, scout out a shallow pothole, conceal yourself well and get ready for some fast and close hunting action!