Duck Hunting in Amarillo

Every time I visit Amarillo, TX, for my annual Pheasant Hunt, I’m amazed at the duck hunting available up there. I also enjoy a Euro style Texas pheasant hunt each year. It just seems like a place that is so dry a desolate would NOT be a place to find ducks. And yet, we always do – and in the most interesting places.
Tulia Texas Duck Hunting

We hunted some hidden ponds near Tulia, TX.

Tulia Texas Sunrise Duck Hunting

The sunrise, as always when hunting ducks in Texas, was awe inspiring. No matter how good of a camera I bring, I can never truly capture the majesty of the sunrise.

Family of Bluebill Ducks

The duck hunt was cold and good but over far too quickly. A family of bluebills came swinging in early and the younger hunters in our group dispatched them quickly and easily.

It was even cold enough for my friend’s retriever Remy, to need a camo neoprene vest.

That was pretty much it for the day. The lesson here for hunting ducks in the Texas High Plains – shoot early and shoot straight. These ducks aren’t going to give you any second chances.

The goose hunts in the North Texas are pretty spectacular also.  This are is home to very large flocks of wintering Greater and Lesser Canada Geese.  The Greater and Lesser Canada geese don’t typically migrate as far south as Central Texas – although I’ve seen a few lesser Canada Geese in flocks of Specklebelly Geese when duck goose hunting in Austin Texas. There are a ton of outfitters in the Texas Panhandle and I recommend using a Texas goose hunting forum about Texas Goose Hunts to help you find and then select the best.  I’ve seldom seen Specklebelly Geese or Snow Geese in the Texas Panhandle.  According to my thinking, I believe that Canada Geese tend to prefer feeding in large corn and legume fields and don’t relay as heavily on a wide variety of overnight watering spots where specklebellies and snow geese prefer the smaller grains like rice and milo and also prefer a greater variety of smaller bodies of water to overnight on.