2017 2 State Hunt Story

Thur, Nov 9, 2017
Depart 0630
Turn around to get the Kindle
And the dog farts start early
It’s a foggy cold day in Texas
The forecast in Belleville Kansas looked really good though
This time the leaves are changing in Texas as I’m leaving on my trip
Entering Oklahoma at 11 o’clock
It turned into a beautiful sunny day in Oklahoma
I just saw my very first sandhill cranes of the year north of Oklahoma City
I never heard them at the house in the evenings this year like I usually do
They still have ditch witch in Perry Oklahoma
Enter Kansas at 2:30

The first day of a hunting trip as a special kind of excitement.
The Kansas sunset is pretty
It reminds me that I didn’t respect Kansas until I hunted it last year
Arrived in Belleville at 5:30
Fingers froze buying gas. Cold! 35 degrees. Duh.

Fri, 11/10/17
28° to start
Scouting as much as possible

Area to scout today

Country target range pic

That corner marker looks too fresh 1885

Cool old school house?
Scouting is slow but it’s fun
I’m envious of what some of these farms can produce

There’s a lot of spilled grain in the roads from very very fresh harvest
If you can find the right spot and the birds are it ought to be lights out

My iPad scouting rig is pretty damn cool

Kansas has some impressive walk-in areas

Big brush clearing. Losing habitat for food
Finished Republic scouting by noon
Pre-scout Washington County this afternoon and then mark Republic spots for tomorrow morning

See go pro videos for the pre-scouting report
Requires nine-point U-turns on these little bitty Kansas country roads with your graded irrigation ditches on either side
Warmed up to 40° @ 230

Ducks! Sorry, I always get exciteda bout ducks.
Washington A has 1 A and 6 Bs
Need to grab Washington good spots from last yr for sSt scouting and Jewell from Prev yr good spots in case Jewell is the same

LOL Strawberry Kansas again
Lol see pic for last yrs map markers
Going to check out the ones on N side 148 for any obvious good ones.
All done map marking by 530 and sundown
Headed into Concordia to get a beanie cap and eat supper
All done and in by 730
530 wake up for a sunrise watch.

KS Republic scouting
A – 9 – 2 half mile EW fence lines on food w corner plots. Best first spot!
A+ – 14 – east side entrance to mid fld NS .5 fencerow on food. S side EW .5 fence on food. Mid fld mots on food. Big area!
A – 7 near 14 – .25m SW corner NS fencerow on food and plots. NE corner house lot w plot. N side .25 fencerow on plot
A – 10 – ne corner fence w mots and very fresh food
A – 11 – north side 1 m east west fence w food and plots
A 17 – 1 m NS fence on w side w food.
Labeled KSRA17-17
KSRB16 scouting
2-dead spot
A – 5-milo on tree line long. Big walk.
11-dead spot
B – 1 – 1 m south fence on food from w side cemetery. W side mots on food. N side 1 m fence on food and road. Only qtr section has food. East half dead spot.
2 – dead spot
3 – dead spot
B – 4 – mot w plot and food S side. Half mile fence w food and plot N side
5 – dead spot
6 – dead spot w old schoolhouse.
B – 8 – 3/4 sec E side qtr mile fence w neighbor food. W side mots and lots but no obv food
F – 12 – dead spot
B – 13 – N side .5 m pocket food on tree and fence. S side .5 m NS tree line on neighbors food. Pheasanty
F – 15
C – 16 – half mi interior fence w food and standing plot
F – 18 – dead spot
F – 19-dead spot
F – 20 – no food
B – 21 – w side entrance to 1 mi fence line mots and plots. Hunt w 22
B – 22 – continue from 21. Mots food and plot in south dogleg. Mid fence half mile.
B – 30 – very big 4 spots. NE corner plot on trees and fencerow. W side NS tree line on sorghum. S side .5 m NS fencerow then tree line loop around food. S side interior loop on food.
Repub b hotspots from las yr?
Pre scout Washington A
B – 1 – N side EW tree line into corner w standing food
X 2 – bare open ground. No good.
B – 6 – lots of edges but no recent food
B – 7 – treeline edges and recent food
X – 8 – dead spot pivot
X – 19 – dead spot
X 3 – dry spot
B 10 – N side plot and trees. Only.
X12 – dry spot
A 14 – NW corner start NS .5 fence on milo EW .5 fence on corn back thru farm lot cover to truck. Big good one.
B 15 – E side EW .5m fencerow in middle of food.
B 31 – plot w tree lines but hidden and need to drive in.
33 –

Sat, 11/11/17
40 degrees to start.

In place. Drizzly and 40 deg.
Wait and see.
730 light enough
Missed qu covey twice. Out then back in

2 pheasants

Happy Hunter

Goofy Hunter w GoPro

Started with Benelli 12 gauge with switching to Guerini 28 gauge

Qu covey in corn plot 2 down
Pheasant covey in draw w cattails and plot 1 phrase down
Qu covey in cattails. 1 down
In to 7c. Walked 7b last nite and nothing.
I’m the only one out here
Not enough at 7C to fool with go to 9
N fence is wrong for south wind. Hunt farm lot in middle
Hunt a fence. Nothing
Go to 10,11,17
My hips hurt walking
I met to Maha guys and their sons
NE fence w mots and food.
One qu and missed
N side fence wrong for wind but food plots and mots to work
Got checked by land owner
1245 done. Hips hurt and Jill tired. Scout. Leave Republic a17 for tomorrow am

Wet, Tired Dog
I got a lot of video this morning ran out the battery
Washington pre-scouting from yesterday shows only one a location
Everything else is a B
I can hunt republic a 17 which is in a spot in the morning
And I’m going to scout republic be below Highway 36 to see if I can find more a response
I’m scouting republic be from last year with map markers and it’s cool to go back to the place again
It’s interesting that they’re not all good because of crop rotation

Republic B 28 is the cemetery spot from last year but it doesn’t have any food on the neighboring spot this year.
Now I’m scouting Washington be for back up a spots
Tomorrow is a north wind and today was a south east Winds
Wind direction makes a difference for two reasons
* You only have so much time in the wind is not in your favor then you’re wasting time
* If the wind is not in your favor you’re wasting Jeff energy and Jill energy
I’m rechecking Washington a B to see if some of them turn in the face with a change in the wind
I like having back up sites in Republic a and old Republic B but I’d also like to work Washington a new ground this year real hard if there’s enough locations
Just got finished map marking all the spots right at dark. Good thing I mapped them because some priorities have changed based on different winds

Jill is zonked. Me too.
Great start but smoother tomorrow

Scouting Washington and checking lower Repub b spots from last yr
Washington B las yr 1 A
24-dead spot
25-dead spot
A-26-NE corner .5m loop trees on food. Good on SE wind
Rep B
2- dead spot
3-dead spot
A-5 milo on trees but wrong wind
A-9-big food swale on n side on 36
11-dead spot
12-dead spot
X-14-dead spot
A-15-Ne corner .5m fence on food. Also seals by barn
13-big place lotsa guys
B-22-SW corner 1m fence and trees on food.
A-22b-.5m habitat on food.
X-28b-old cemetery but no food
X-25-dead spot
26-NW and SW corners have food cover and swales. Marked as last effort?
Washington A
A-1-n side ew tree w food perfect on N wind
X-6-lots of edges but no recent food
A-7-EW treeline edges and recent food
X-10-North side plot and trees. No food
AA-15-East side east west fence in middle of food
A-31-hidden plot
B-33-pocket swale but no food
A-14-NW corner .5m NS fence on milo

Sun, Nov 12, 2017
Order of hunt is 15, 14, 1, 31
15 EW fence on food
42 and clear w 8m N wind
Long NS walk on fence on milo. Bad wind but good food.
2m fence loop. Stepped on pheasant. Shot him
.5 m tree line and mid fld swale on old beams but near milo and corn.

Lots of spilled food!
Farmer said the secret spot inside of 31 is been stubble not corn
He recommends the Swales on 33 will go look

Out of wash A
Wash B 26 marked yest
WB 26

Wash a 7 next
Repub b 22b
Repub b 5

Tricky Navigation!
Repub a 7
Wash a 7

Downwind of Hogs. Nasty smell.
Repub b 22b has a hunter skip
Repub b 5. Skip with low probability
There’s also a hunter there
Go to Washington a seven where you saw birds yesterday
Wash a 7. Noon. Sorta late but 50 w NE breeze

1245 50 and dogs tongue hanging. Time to be done today
Lunch and scout Jewell

Crop duster
The sun coming out at noon made a pretty day
Jill was certainly in a very sweet groove hunting with me this morning
If I remember correctly I think Jill’s was the best one last year

Jill is zonked
Winds from S 10-20 tomorrow

Jewel B 32 starts at a cemetery and I’m going to hunt it first thing in the morning
You really have to go look at everyone of them every edge of everyone of them
I saw a pick up with a gun rack in a gun I haven’t seen that in I can’t remember how long
That’s the fourth time I’ve seen turkeys crossing the road
Just saw pheasants feeding out in the freshly plowed field
Finished scouting Jewell see by 530
Looks like one good spot which will be perfect because then will just keep going on the Greensburg
Headed to concordia for shopping and supper

Semi catfish supper #3. Tri tip steak last nite was ok but weird.
Planned Monday hunt

Scouting Jewell
Exclude Jewell b 9b and 72 for deer
Looks like Jewell b marked from last yr. will help
Jewell c pretty rich too
Maybe work email mon pm and hunt out Tues am on good Jewell stuff then head to greensburg?
Need in concord
* ibu
* scissors
* moleskin
* coffee shop for mon pm email
Exclude Jewell b 9b and 72 for deer
A-2-2@.5m NS fence trees on food
B-5-.5m NS fence but no food
X-7-deAd spot
A-8-.5m EW fence on food. Wrong wind tho.
X-9a-dead spot
B-15-.5m NS fence tree no food exc very end
X-18-dead spot
B-21-1m swale but no food. Shot P there last yr
X-22-dead spot
X-23-dead spot
B-25-.5m EW tree line on food. Wrong wind side tho.
X-26-dead spot
X-27-dead spot
X-28-dead spot
X-30-dead spot
AA-32-.25m NS fence and swale on milo. Good starting spot. Right by cemetery.
X-34-dead spot
A-66-Big 2@.25 EW fence .5m tree on food
Have 4 As in Jewell b
Prob enough but scout JC for tues am hunt
Jewell C scouting
X-1ab-long swale but no food
B-10-.5m EW fence on food. .75m NS treeline on food. Backside to if the wind is better. Too big for tues
A-11b-.5m tree pocket w food
A-11c-.5m EW treeline on food .25m off road
A-11a-.5m EW fence trees on food on road
X-20-no cover
B-33-.25m EW habitat on milo .25 in
B-35a-NW corner .5m NS Mott no food
X-41-no cover

Mon, 11/13/17

Hunt Plan
Jewell B
From the top
32-.25m NS fence and swale on milo
2-2@.5m NS fence trees on food
8-.5m EW fence on food. Wrong wind
66-Big 2@.25m tree on food

Up at 5 for long drive to Jewell
Very foggy. 20’ max. Slow drive to Jewell and in to spot 32 to start
630 ready but dark and foggy. 33 degrees
720 light enough to walk

33 deg

Jewel b 32 start
32-.25m NS fence and swale on milo
Jumped 3 hen pheasant in middle of milo

2-2@.5m NS fence trees on food
Long walk around
Jumped 2 coveys
Shot but missed all times
Tough shooting!

5-.25m fence tree no food but couldn’t pass it up.
Jumped hen p in alfalfa

8-.5m EW fence on food. Wrong wind from south. Work n side anyway.

Damp morning!
66-Big 2@.25m tree on food
1 covey w good point.
Shot 1
6 m and did 8 on sat and 7.5 sun so stop and rest

Reserved Jewell C for Tuesday
Quick scouted three locations for Tuesday morning hunt prior to going to Greensburg

Go to Concordia for lunch and email.

Common ground coffee shop was only open in concordia
Finished emails by 2

It was especially cool working with Jill again this morning we’re quite a team

Goofed off rest of day. Nice to not scout.

Jill hasn’t figured out this stair case yet – keep looking for the door in the wrong spot!

Tues, 11/14/17

Early Start – love a pink morning!
Jewell b 2 NE corner of NS fence covey
Jewell c 11a .5m EW fence w trees on food
JC 11b SE corner .5m pocket
Go to burg

Warm 50

Wind SSE brisk
Foggy drizzly squirvy

Jewell b 2 NE corner of NS fence covey
I’ve seen quite a few deer crossing the road this morning

Jewell c 11a .5m EW fence w trees on food
No kinetic!

JC 11b SE corner .5m pocket
Has Maha hunter already
Go to burg

I haven’t seen a co-op sign since I was a kid in Ricardo

It’s another squirvy day
I see more and more big bulldozer and grappling equipment taking out tree line cover wow
The strategy today is to scout Kiowa county in order of number available sites to see if I need to change reservation based on the ground truth
I haven’t seen any ducks on Ponds
There’s a big pond full of ducks
It’s interesting that Kiowa would be right on the same Highway 183 there runs right through Austin
It’s a 2 Lane Rd. up here though

I think I saw this last year longhorns in Kiowa G 23

Kansas 14 point turn on narrow sandy road

Get to Gburg

Kiowa scouting
Had Kiowa g last ur and already mapped
Kiowa d this yr due south of gburg
Wind forecast NNE 18
B-24-SE corner .5m NS berm on food
A-22-.5m NS fence on food
A-3-.5m EW berm on food.
A-11-.5m EW habitat no food
X-13- dead
X-18- dead
B-23-east side .25m plum thickets no food. Another on N side
X-14- dead
X-19- dead
X-30- dead
B-26-.25m cedar belt
AA-2-T & 23 West of 183. SE corner .25m habitat w another across rd
Only 2 as in KD. One good starter and one ok. Need more.

Go due north to Kiowa G hot spots for later
A-23-.25m NS crp corner food plums
A-22-.25m EW fence on food. Crp corn on food.
A-21-SE .25 EW crp corn on food. NE same.
X-27- dead
A-17-.25n EW habitat on food
A-33-.25m EW hab on food
A-30-.25m NS Han on food

On to Kiowa c by mullinville
A-9-.5m EW Han on food.
Re chk KD
Weds plan
AA- D2-T & 23 West of 183. SE corner .25m habitat w another across rd
AA-C10-.5m EW Mott on milo
A-C8-.5 swale on milo
XA-22-.5m NS fence on food. Wrong wind
XA-3-.5m EW berm on food. Too small

It’s fascinating the note that most of last year scouting spots don’t necessarily look good this year
Stop to see if you can see windmills on satellite
You can

And got some great pictures of a nice buck out in the wind mill patch
Windmills are noisy
Pheasant rooster and a covey of quail just crossed the road in front of me see the video to see if you can hear him
815 done. Long day

Weds, 11/15/17
Kiowa d 2 start
42 deg wind N 15-20

We’re not the only hunters out here.
Some mornings it’s hard to get out of warm truck
It’s very cold out there teeth into the wind
Walked out both sides.

Noisy windmills again.
Kiowa c8 big ns swale in milo
Jumped hen p early
Nothing else

Kiowa c10 Mott on milo
Saw qu going in
Shot coyote
3 points in qu
Shot 1

Met another Maha Hunter
Nice guy wanted me to hunt with him but I don’t want to hunt with anybody

Stop to look at this round barn.

1030 55 deg dog tongue hanging

Chk a couple easys in KD then scout Edwards

Kiowa D3
Big covey on berm. Just like last yr

4 points 2 qu! Double!

1115 55 deg windy as hell.
Run out of dog power due to panting

D22 had a pheasant.

Off to scout Edwards

Shoot d22 and d3 last out of town on fri.
I was going to quit before I hunted those last two spots so I’m really glad I listened to my intuition and hunted on because we found birds on both spots

A pair of great pyrenees out in the middle of nowhere.

Example of some properties in this club. Half section of pure grass. If u have enough dog power these plots hold a bunch of birds. Can’t do them w Jill. Gotta work the nooks and crannies.

You really got to figure out away to come hunt pheasant and quail in January in Kansas

Sunset Quail loop
No wind

I’m going to have pizza for supper. I’m that tired of eating out.
I wonder if some of the smells the capture Jill’s attention out in the field or actually from other dogs and not necessarily coyotes and other critters

Wind feast S 20m
Scout Edwards
A-36-.5m EW habitat food distant
B-25 SW and NW corner crp on food
B-29-Mott in back on food also SE corner crp birds last yd
A-20-big .5m EW habitat on food way in back. Drive in to center. Big!
A-9-2@ north side EW crp corner w plum on food
Edwards B
A-5-1m EW creek trees crp on food near town
A-16-.5m NS creek on milo
All big and 16 is best and way north.
Look other east Kiowas and decide from there
Need run dog small, not big
KG re chk
AA-17 .25m hab on food
AA-22SE .25m EW fence on food
AA-22b2 25m EW fence on food
AA-21se 25m EW fence on food
AA-27sw 2@25m EW Han on food
A-28a small qu spot
Kiowa e
X-19-all grass
X-16-all grass
X-20 alf
X-21 grass
X-18 grass
X-17 dead
X-14 grass
X-12- grass
Kiowa a
X-21- grass
2- grass
3- grass
4- grass
1- grass
6- grass
Back to Kiowa d to bump the corners

You know you’re in Kansas when…….
They shouldn’t need this sign.

Thur 11/16/17
Changes reservation from Edwards to kiowa G. More better spots. Smaller and tighter for tired dog
Since no need scout for Fri prob leave home noon today

Pretty sunrise
33 deg
Waiting for daylight. Listening to Jill snore.
Kskg 21 se
Kskg 21 ne
Bumped pheasant
Kg 22b2
Bumped buck and doe
Kg 22b
Kg 27
1 qu covey 1 dead
Same ending spot as last year
Wind howling from south
Dogs tongue hanging.
41 deg
Go home

Very tired dog.
1045 depart Greensburg check out one day early
How is it that it’s 10 hours from home to Belleville
And it’s three hours three to half hours south from Belleville to Greensburg
It is 10 hours from Greensburg to home
how does that happen

Oklahoma has mountains near Lawton
Who knew?
Well apparently a lot of people know about it
Coming home on I 35 is always a disappointing end to a great trip

Thinking back I remember my legs and hips hurting really bad first day
I think some of that was due to really cold lot of outerwear carrying a big gun stepping through high wet grass
I remember getting woken up in the middle of the night with leg cramps
But I noticed by the second day I was choosing easier ground I walk on and I didn’t feel the same amount of pain
Never the less the second night I ate two rolls of Tum’s just to be sure that I didn’t get woken up by cramps
I didn’t and my legs felt stronger and stronger every day
Jill’s legs on the other hand started to wear out just a little bit sweeter every day
She be some amazing rooms though

1045 depart greensburg
LeVe one dat early

Sum total of shots fired in KS

Next Phase is OK Quail hunting after Olton Pheasants & Amarillo Ducks n Pigeons

Fri 12/1/17
Depart Austin 1330 w Larry
Olson CoC Annual Pheasant Hunt
Texas leaf changing is pretty
Arr 830

Sat 12/2/17

Only me n Larry for AWWC
W Bobby
2 new locations
4 loops

3 for me 4 for Larry

4 more pm loops to support new guys

Long but great day!

Sun 12/3/17
Olton w Larry

First walk homestead
3 pheasants
Rabbit hill loop
Done 11 off to ama
I feel like I’m getting a cold. Yuck
Arr 1p pigeon hunting/shooting in feedlot by 220

That’s not dust!
1 Box of shells 7 pigeons

Mon 12/4/17
AMA ducks
2 teal and pintail
Others going to hunt pigeons
I’m taking a rest feeling bad

Tues 12/5/17

Ducks way north of Amarillo
Mallard wigeon teal
Slow and 30 degrees cold
Out at 10
Onward to scout OK
Jill is obviously rested and ready
Still sneezing a lot and tire easily
Power thru
2 hrs to pack saddle
Quail were numerous in Olton. Hope that’s a good sign for OK. Hunters are eternal optimists.
45 deg at 130 cloudy low wind. Hope the weather holds

Scouting Packsaddle WMA in OK
Dunn unit looks decent enough. Mots and edges
Shaman too spread out w groves.
East nice big loop easy walk spread way out tho. Very good mots on top

Bonser river bottom canyons and grass w mots but long haul down and back. Hunt out canyons off oil well road. Truck w dog trailer here
N East hi n dri
Try river bottom Bonser first then east then Dunn
Stickers so will need boots
Big place
Try closer to water first
He said along the river. Maybe literally?
Almost no raptors
Only quail wing boxes at Dunn and shah an.
I think literally better down in river valley
Bonser canyons out then river bottom back
Distances are farther than in KS
Black Kettle 18 on river looks real good. Lotsa food
Into hotel 630

Wed, 12/6/17
Sleep until 730
Do email
Out 830 to Benson unit

Into Benson 1045

Jill proudly sporting her Laelaps GPS collar

Ice bath for Jill

Big 5 5m loop thru benson along the Canadian River. Nothing

Tall grass along the river

Massive big country here – I don’t have nearly enough dog!

That’s a different type of pump jack!
What next?
Pooped. Scout sandy sanders and see if u can find a guide for tomorrow.
We took a good hard run it in PackSaddle
Worked every edge we could possibly get to
We work the long sand hill along the river
Most of the grass was over my head
Then we work the canyons in gullies and streams on the way back
If there were birds they should’ve been in that area
Got have respect for the guys can pull birds out of that place

Into Sandy Sanders for scouting

Me n Jill had rough start this am. I was impatient and she was a bit obstinate.
Sandy Sanders WMA
Lots of cover
Shorter thinner grass
Flatter more rolling hills
Easy road access
Busted covey on road
At 430 stop hunting time
And song birds here too.
Busted another covey near rd after the canyon
Really great Habitats here. And workable
Exact same as Blanco but wo KRB
Pond w ducks. Hunt them early
2 unused campers at hq
Use east entrance for ducks then climb hill to hunt qu on top
Big flock of turkeys flew across rd
OK scouting sunset w game feels good
Goal tomorrow
Duck hunt
2@1m loops
Snack break
2@1m loops
Snack break
1@1m loop
Scout south and west maybe outer areas
Duck pond 45m from loves in Erick
Sunrise 709 and in hole. Leave loves at 615. Be at loves 6a up ar 515
Sure wish I’d brought dekes

Thurs 12/7/17
Up at 7 into sandy 830

Saw big buck watching me.
At site location 1 from yest
24 deg sunny low wind for now
First loop
3 coveys 2 shots no quail
Short loop on a drive-by for one caddy no shots
Water frozen in bowl
3rd loop at yest site zilch
1115 road hunting

Jill’s pooped already
4th loop in quaily area jumped ducks from pond
No quail

Some steep parts.
Glad it’s just me here. Wouldn’t want to go around a bunch of other people.
Very steep!

Ducks on pond!
Exit Sandy Sanders in SW corner to comeback in NW corner to get back on top where are birds

Scouting West area. Still steep!
Very quaily in here.
TN hunters say no birds.

Nope. Too deep.

Back(ish) exit

Very cool drive!
Back by 6 PM. Hard day.
Run main line in AM then go home.

Fri 12/8/17

One last dip into Sandy Sanderson then home.
Running out of dog and no birds
23 deg in Elk cCty. 30 deg start here
8:30 in and 10 AM out. One farewell loop and we’re off to home
Google taking me home the back way off I35. Thx Google!
Jill lost interest after a single loop
Oh to have a young big running dog again
Truck says 44 dergrees but creeks are still frozen

Fld full of cranes!
Such bad dog farts!
Into TX from OK on Hwy 6
Still ice on ponds well into TX. 45?
Connect to 183 in Seymour. 5 hrs out.

Jill is fully pooped.
On 130 just in time for eve rush. At least avoided I35!
There is still snow on the ground along Highway 71. 47 deg
Home at 5:20