The Old/Original Raised Bed Garden

I’m a fan of gardening – more specifically, a fan of the results of gardening!

My oldest daughter wanted to learn and I wanted to teach her about gardening.
These results!
We started with a simple 4×8 wooden box filled with good garden soil. I also ran a hose from the house to a simple watering timer so I could use drip irrigation.
I then decided that official Raised Bed Garden (RBG) Mix might be better. I continue using this mis today.
I removed the top portion of garden soil and then mixed in the new RBG components.
Just in time for my youngest to enjoy with me.
RBG recommends cleanly marking the 1 square foot areas.

I installed some rain water collection at the house and then switched from a hose laying on the ground to a buried pipe for the water supply.
Even the little RBG gardens can produce quite a bit of vegetables!
Corn doesn’t do well in an RBG due to the very close spacing required for enough plants.
I stick mostly with tomatoes, cucumbers and occasionally some corn.
The RBG can get very very full!
I found that covering the RBG for winter helped but not much. I no longer do this.
Water pipes underground can break and need repairs. I’m ever watchful for leaks and moist areas on the ground.
I decided to enlarge the garden by adding some more RBG boxes. I started with killing the grass & weeds.
I tried laying the ground cloth down first to help kiil the grass and weeds even more.
Meh, but the dogs just chewed it up over night.
Deer are a problem for my garden so I use an electric cattle fence around my garden.
New RBG boxes built from deck material ready for RBG Mix mixing.
Lot’s of mixing – it’s a bigger job than I ever estimate.
Two new RBG boxes completed with room for 2 more.
I also amend the RBG soil in older boxes when I have extra or it appears they could use some help.
I think I over-bought.
Extra stakes and lattice help RBG gardens a ton. Most plants want to go horizontal rather than vertical and the lattice helps change their minds.
Drip irrigation is also a Must for me. I try to build for 1 emitter per plant.
Even little lattices help in the beginning.
This garden location is not optimal as it has too much shade. I finally learned this but it took several years.
We have snakes in TX and they can sneak up on you. This is a 3′ rattle snake.
I turned one of the RBG boxes sideways and build 2 more smaller RBG boxes at 4×4.
Bunnies started hitting me hard so I began using bunny wire also.
Full RBG Garden!
That RBG garden has been disassembled and all that’s left is the original. It now has wildflowers and butterfly weeds. My new RBG Garden is here.