The New Raised Bed Square Foot Garden

My Original Raised Bed Garden/Square Foot Garden suffered from a lack of sunlight. I had dreams of more and bigger.
So I found a sunny area and started a newer, bigger and more advanced square foot garden.
Lots of detail work went into leveling the boxes as the site is on a slight incline.
It started as 8 4×4 boxes fenced to keep out the critters.
Each “box” has a time controlled valve for drip irrigation with underground supply from my rainwater collection system.
Version 1.0 complete!
But it didn’t take very long before I got greedy and doubled 5 of the 8 boxes. I left 3 alone specifically for tomatoes.
I even put a mini-box on the one on the end!
Each box has a weed liner – they fail after a few years though.
It got a little crowded in there adding the SFG soil to the already fenced garden!
I also added a large rear gate to help remove plant clippings and stalks more easily.
All of the boxes with vining plants have side, roof and cross panels for trellis.
Each box also get’s bunny wire to further protect the plants. We live in the woods and are covered up with deer and various critters that eat my plants.
LOL – I even tried corn a time or two but the SFG soil isn’t deep enough so they crowd and fail to pollinate well. That corn cage is to keep the critters out and support the stalks.
My vining plants – cucumbers & tomatoes – love those extra trellises though!
I have a total of 13 4×4 boxes to work with and each has dedicated drip irrigation so I have lots of options for starting and growing a variety of plants.
But, anytime you have plumbing, you’re going to have leaks!
An early prototype of a dirt garden for corn that reuses the corn cage.
July Garden in Texas
September Garden in Texas
With careful planning and a little luck, I can harvest as late as October.