Survival Kit List Additions for $25

Part of building a survival kit from a survival kit list is making regular additions in a planned manner.  I have budgeted $25/month to purchase and add survival kit items to my survival kit.  I’ve also budgeted one hour/month to researching and enhancing my survival kit list.  I would not be able to build or afford to purchase a full survival kit if I tried to do it all at a single time.  By breaking it up into a monthly purchase and monthly project, I’m able to quickly grow my survival kit and continue improving the survival kit list.

Health and Hygiene in my Survival Kit List

Miscellaneous Health and Hygeiene Related Items from Survival Kit List
Health Items from Survival Kit List

I did a quick scan of the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and quickly came up with a list of health and hygiene items.  I think that these simple items, frequently left out of a survival kit, may make a huge difference in my family’s quality of life in the event that we need to use the items in the survival kit.  Which brings up another point.  While I’m not able to plan on every contingency, I do have a good idea of the types of situations that might occur in the area where I live and build a survival kit for those situations.  We don’t live near a fault line so the likelihood of an earth quake is remote.  We do live near the Gulf Coast and the likelihood of a hurricane is high.





Inexpensive Plastic Items in my Survival Kit List

Plastic Sheets and Resealable Bags from Survival Kit List
Plastic Items from Survival Kit List

I came across the notion of plastic items from my old Boy Scout days.  When I was in Boy Scouts, I learned to build a solar still to collect water.  I’m not sure why I remembered that but nevertheless, it did bring to mind that plastic items would be valuable.  I purchased two types of plastic sheeting.  These can be used as protective ground cover or overhead cover to protect us from rain and moisture.  The zip lock bags happened to be near the plastic sheeting at the store and I was reminded of how much we use them in our daily lives – primarily to protect and preserve food items.  If a survival situation does occur, then protecting and preserving food will be very important.





Summary of a Survival Kit List

I’m well into my second year of building my survival kit from my survival kit list.  The project started out with a bang and then settled into a little monotony.  I’m not updating my survival kit list each month as well as adding new items to my survival kit.  The long view is that it is probably never done – and that’s OK.  I’d rather be safe than sorry.  Additionally, it becomes sort of a “pantry” of extra items that we can use in a pinch if needed – we’ll just need to remember to replace them.  I’m please with the progress of my survival kit list and the items I’m collecting.  After all, $25 and one hour per month is a pretty inexpensive insurance policy for me and my family.