Survival Kit Backpack

Previously, I’d only purchased a food kit from I liked what I received and decided to give the entire kit a try.  There are a ton of low cost emergency survival kits available on the market and this is not one of them.  These units are somewhat pricey but definitely pack a whallop.  They are critical items on my survival gear list and a top survival kit priority.


The survival kit is contained within a nice backpack.

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Emergency Freeze Dried Food


The survival kit include the typical two week food supply kit. This freeze dried food is an important part of my earthquake survival kit that I keep stored in my basement.

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 Water Purification and Heat for Cooking Freeze Dried Emergency Food

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But it also has some extra items. In this picture we have a water purification bottle, steel cup and food heating unit to round out your survival kit.  There are other water purification systems available and they should definitely be a part of your 1 week emergency survival gear list.

It also contained some additional handy items that I will detail in my next post.