Storage Containers for Survival Kits

I decided I wanted a little extra insurance for my survival kits so I elected to use plastic storage containers. I expect my supplies will need to be viable for as many as 15 years so I wanted to make sure that they were protected from water and bugs. Another aspect I considered when selecting storage containers for my survival kits were how easily transportable they might be. While I expect to stay at our current location in the event of an emergency, I do want to the option of easily packing and moving to another location and loading and transporting the storage containers in my survival kits will be very important.

Storage Containers Used in Survival Kits

Large Storage Container for Suvival Kits

I used Tupperware 18 gallon containers to hold the food for my survival kit.

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Smaller Storage Containers in my Survival Kits

Smaller Clear Storage Containers in Survival Kits

I used smaller tupperware containers to hold the additional items that I’m adding on a monthly basis.

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Summary of Storage Containers in Survival Kits

My storage containers need to be large enough to easily hold plenty of items from my survival kit list but small enough to easily transport if needed. It also help if they are see through to make selection of items for use very easy. Some survival kit items, like survival seeds in my emergency survival kit, come with their own containers – I see this as a definite advantage when selecting items for my survival kits.