Small Emergency Essentials

When building a survival kit, it would be very easy to overlook the little or small emergency preparedness items. A classic example is a knife, fork and spoon. Consider the thinking, planning and effort we put into accumulating and organizing our food supplies. What if you had forgotten the survival gear to prepare and consume it with?

A critical piece of my survival gear is a small and highly versatile eating utensil.

Survival Gear Eating Utensil

This tool also provides some simple screw driver, can opener and knife functions.

Be sure when building your survival kit that you also consider the affects of various types of disasters or emergencies on the items you intend to use when cooking and/or eating your food.  Not all materials can hold up in any situation, so make sure you select items that will still be useful after an earthquake, hurricane, or other disaster since, after all, that’s the whole purpose of creating an emergency survival kit.