Regular Updates to Your Survival Kit List

I’ve come to understand and believe that regular and consistent updates to both your survival kit list and survival kit contents is critical to long term success.  I budget a small amount of time and money each month to research and update my survival kit list with new survival kit ideas and to purchase new items to increase my survival kit contents.  When I started, I went “big guns” with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement for the big ticket survival gear.  That started to fall by the wayside as soon as I had budget constraints and I needed a better way.  Now, I take a much more methodical approach and budget time and money each month to improve my survival kit list with new survival kit ideas and then add survival gear to my survival kit contents.


New Items from the Survival Kit List – Health

Additions of OTC Medicines from the Survival Kit List
Additions from the Survival Kit List

As you probably know, I’ve divided my survival kit list into 5 categories and Health is one of those categories.  I’ve also divided the list into general priorities of Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term.  This month, my $25 budget allowed me to grab a couple of general purpose health items and add them to my survival kit contents.  They aren’t notable or ground-breaking – just common everyday survival kit ideas that will make life much more comfortable if and when an event occurs.  I actually just looked in my medicine cabinet during my survival kit list research and identified a couple of items that I use regularly that weren’t on my survival kit list.







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