Power for Emergency Preparedness

Think about it. When is the last time the power went out? Did you have enough batteries or even remember where the flashlight was (or know how to find it in the dark)? What about a radio? Do you even have one in your survival gear?


This little gem came in my last FoodInsurance purchase. It’s not complicated and doesn’t appear to be incredibly sturdy BUT hopefully I’ll only need it one time in my survival kit.

The beauty of multi-functioning items in an emergency survival kit is obvious – they save space and keep related items together.  Unfortunately, when you try to make an item suitable for multiple uses, it can sometimes end up not doing any of them particularly well.  When putting together your survival kit list for emergencies, look for items that have solid customer reviews and are designed for true emergency kits rather than people rushing out to the store right before a snowstorm, for example.