Ordinary Survival Gear from Your Survival Kit List

Building a survival kit and maintaining your survival kit list doesn’t need to be hard – just steady and persistent.  In my plan for building a survival kit from a survival kit list, I update my survival kit list each quarter based on research and take a concerted action each month to add something from my survival kit list.  Frequently, I find myself short of money and not able to afford a big or expensive addition to my survival kit gear.  In those times, I like to take a look around see what I can “permanently borrow” from our regular household items that can be easily replaced in the next trip to the store.  In the urgency of building a survival kit, it is easy to overlook the simple, everyday items on your survival kit list that can make a big difference in comfort and convenience in the event that something happens and you need to use your survival kit.


Common Kitchen Spices for your Survival Kit List

Ordinary Survival Gear of White and Clear Plastic Containers of Spices and Condiments
Ordinary Survival Gear

Survival kit food is not going to be the tastiest food you’ve ever eaten.  After all, it’s primary purpose is to be long lasting, easy to prepare and very nutritious.  The quality of your meals in your survival kit gear may not be that important for very short duration episodes, but if an incident lasts longer than a week or so, a little seasoning in your survival kit meals or emergency food can make a big difference.  I found the common kitchen spices in the cabinet as extras and simply purloined them for my survival kit and marked them off of my survival kit list.  Oh, I also made a note to my wife that they were gone so that she could replace them in her next couple of trips to the store.





Christmas Leftovers for Your Survival Kit Gear

Christmas Gift Items of Grey Duct Tape, Black Brass Brushes and Multicolor Box Opening Knives to Fill a Survival Kit List
Christmas Gift Items to Fill a Survival Kit List

My Christmas stocking is usually full of neat little surprises.  The items there tend to be small, inexpensive items that are on the grab rack at most stores that my family will pick up for me to fill my stocking.  This Christmas, I received a number of small survival kit list items that I didn’t have an immediate use for so I handily put them into my survival kit where they now have a very distinct purpose.






Strategic Thinking and Your Survival Kit List

Usual Survival Gear Items of Red and Green Clear Plastic Water Bottles from My Survival Kit List
Usual Survival Gear Items from My Survival Kit List

Water is a critical item for preserving life.  My survival kit list has plenty of provisions for cleaning and storing water but it might be easy to overlook making that water easy to carry and drink.  I found a set of inexpenvie plastic water bottles that will make it very easy to use the water that I clean and store with items from my survival kit list.  This is another example of spending some time researching and thinking in detail about what items really should belong on your survival kit list.  It’s also a great example of continuing to build your survival kit without investing a lot of money.





Summary of Ordinary Survival Gear from Your Survival Kit List

Building a good survival kit and keeping your survial kit list up to date isn’t heard – it just requires some regular, dedicated time and creative thinking.  There are a whole host of common, everyday items around the house that can make a big difference in your survival kit – spices for example.  There are also numerous sources of additional items that can come in very very handy if an episode occurs – like the little items you might have received for Christmas.  Lastly, take some time to think through actually using your survival kit.  For example, how are you going to carry and drink the water that you’ve cleaned and stored.  Likewise, how are you going to serve and eat the food that you’ve stored and prepared?  This kind of concentrated, strategic scenario thinking will help you identify additional small items for your survival kit list.



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