More Interesting Items to Build a Survival Kit

My limited budget continues to require that I get creative to keep building my survival kit.  Interestingly, there continue to be a lot of very inexpensive items that I accumulate within my budget.  I’m working from a great list that I built a year ago and I gave myself plenty of time to build the entire kit by prioritizing and categorizing what and when I needed to build my survival kit.

More Water Purification Systems

Build a Survival Kit with Water Purification Bottles
Water Purification Bottles for Survival Kit Building

It just so happens that we were cleaning out for a garage sale a few weeks ago and found the small water purification bottles we used when we visited India several years ago.  We were careful to clean and dry the water purification filters when we returned.  These water purification bottles worked very well while we were in India as neither of us ever got sick – even from drinking tap water.

Duct Tape as an Emergency Essential?

Include Duct Tape in your Survival Kit List
Survival Kit Building with Duct Tape

Yeah, I know it sounds a little strange but think about it.  Duct tape has thousands of uses and imagine how handy it will come in during an emergency?  Add to that, it’s cheap, durable and will probably never spoil.  That’s one of the great things about a survival kit list – you can come up with a ton of great ideas just by looking around at the little every day necessities, put it on the survival kit list and then purchase it in the appropriate priority when you have the budget.  I know, it’s a little geeky but I’m going to take a pass on that with the security of having some duct tape rather than doing without and wishing I had some.

Miscellaneous Toiletries for Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Essentials Include Toiletries
Build a Survival Kit but Be Sure to Include Toiletires

Yet again, my limited budget is causing me to get creative.  This time, I gave my wife a long list of miscellaneous items – including feminine hygiene – and asked her to go down the list and purchase what she could inside a small budget.  She’s really creative and a great shopper and came back with what amounted to three sacks of goodies within our small budget.  There’s nothing magical here – just ordinary everyday toiletries that we won’t have to do without if and when the situation occurs.

Nothing Hard or Complicated to Build a Survival Kit

As you can see from my last few posts, there’s nothing really that hard or complicated about building a survival kit so that you are ready with your emergency essentials.  Make a survival kit list, categorize and prioritize it, write a plan, calculate your budget and then get to work.  Building a survival kit is not something that can be easily done in a weekend or a week.  But, if you take your time, you’ll always most, if not all of what you need as you accumulate it over time.