I’m not worried but……Building an Everyday Survival Kit

Survival Kit – For When Bad Things Happen to Good People

I recently realized that all it would take to completely disrupt our food supply would be for the railroads to break down. I don’t have an everyday survival kit to help me and my family through that time.  Each grocery store really only has a few days’ food supply on hand at any time. I also live near the Texas Gulf Coast and we get a pretty good hurricane every few years. Rita and Katrina were the most recent. When a hurricane rolls into the Texas Gulf Coast, people tend to flee from the city of Houston directly into my area. That’s fine but they also tend to overload our local systems, including grocery supply. Add to that, the locals get a little panicky, and you’ve got a quick recipe for a food shortage. It doesn’t take much imagination to come up with the picture of people out of control. I don’t expect that we’re ever going to have a full-on food riot but I’ve decided to get a little ahead of the game and be prepared. I was a Boy Scout after all.

So, I decided that I liked the idea of building an everyday survival kit but had no idea where to start.

I researched the notion of building a survival kit online and pulled together a master list of the things I thought I’d need for a comprehensive survival kit. I divided the list into 4 categories – food, health, safety and shelter. The size of the list was quite large and daunting.

I then broke each category into short, intermediate and long term so I could start building my survival kit and assemble something useful across the full spectrum of what I thought I’d need.

Next time, I’ll talk in more detail about the categories and the budget.

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Different Survival Kit Types – Little Did I Know

Update from 7/6/11 – Little did I know back when I started about the huge variety of different survival kits.  There are pocket size survival kits, emergency survival kits, altoid tin survival kits, urban survival kits, etc.  It’s a complex maze of almost infinite variety where everyone wants to sell you something.  In hindsight, I’m pleased with the approach I took – thinking it through, planning thoroughly and executing on a consistent monthly to build my long term survival kit.

May-12 Update – Wow, I’ve learned a lot since I began this project two years ago. My emergency survival kit “stash” has grown in size, complexity and sophistication. I’m now evaluating how heirloom seed packages fit into my emergency preparedness kit. In my journey to build a survival kit, I’ve accumulated a bunch of knowledge and information that I’m happy to share.