Minor Update to my Emergency Survival Kit

One of the key aspects that has me successfully build an emergency survival kit is the fact that I make regular, steady acquisitions and improvements every month – without fail.  Sometimes, the items on my list to build a survival kit look a bit silly and working through the list isn’t very glamorous.  Sometimes, you just have to do the dishes and get the emergency survival kit built.






Buckets for an Emergency Survival Kit

White 5 Gallon Buckets for my Emergency Survival Kit
White Plastics Buckets to Build My Survival Kit

This month’s addition to my emergency survival kit is simple – plastic 5 gallon buckets.  They have a multitude of great uses including the ability to store and transport other items.  While I do have larger 18 gallon containers, they would be too heavy to carry when filled with water.  Five gallons weighs about 42 pounds.  Why four buckets?  Because that’s how many I could buy and stay within my $25/month budget.  This system for building an emergency preparedness kit is pretty easy!



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Summary of Minor Update to my Emergency Survival Kit

I make updates to my emergency survival kit every month.  This month was a very unglamorous set of white, five gallon plastic buckets.  Their usefulness and utility in an emergency preparedness kit is very high – think about how many you already have scattered around your house.  The system to build my survival kit progresses each month.

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