Rain Water Collection

I’m in the process of laying the new garden water pipe but it keeps raining and filling Luis’ trench with water. Following that fix, I’ll begin the process of adding two more 2500 gallon tanks at the end of the overflow pipe for additional storage. After that, who knows?

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Deck Container Garden

This is my back deck. It looks like a nice big sunny place to plant a garden in containers rather than the ground. I collected some large containers, bulk plastic bottles as fillers and a small irrigation system. I laid the irrigation hose out where I'll be arranging the containers. The containers arranged and up [...]
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The New Raised Bed Square Foot Garden

My Original Raised Bed Garden/Square Foot Garden suffered from a lack of sunlight. I had dreams of more and bigger. So I found a sunny area and started a newer, bigger and more advanced square foot garden. Lots of detail work went into leveling the boxes as the site is on a slight incline. It [...]
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