Emergency Survival

Hand Tools to Build Emergency Survival Kit

Recently I have really been enjoying my survival kit building project, not only because it keeps me busy but also because it provides me with an interesting challenge to keep me on my toes. I update my kit about once a month, with a budget of only $25 dollars to find a short list of […]

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Hurricane and Earthquake Survival Kit Building

  Hurricane season is here and if there was an earthquake season, it would probably be here as well – time to put some detailed focus into building and improving my hurricane and earthquake survival kit.  Where I live, we don’t have any earthquakes but we do have regular hurricanes.  I think the personal impact […]

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Minor Update to my Emergency Survival Kit

One of the key aspects that has me successfully build an emergency survival kit is the fact that I make regular, steady acquisitions and improvements every month – without fail.  Sometimes, the items on my list to build a survival kit look a bit silly and working through the list isn’t very glamorous.  Sometimes, you […]

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