Emergency Survival

Spring Cleaning Survival Kit List Updates

Spring cleaning is one of my favorite times of the year.  I’m always surprised at the amount of “stuff” I’ve collected over the past year and how, with a little thought, that “stuff” could be a valuable addition to my survival kit list.  There are some obvious items that I’ve collected from my survival gear […]

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Survival Kit List and Item Update

Building my survival kit from my survival kit list and updating my survival gear list has been a lot of fun.  When I share what I’m doing with people they are either very interested and wanting to do something for themselves or foolishly believe that “community” and “society” will take care of them.  To each […]

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Recent Survival Kit List Additions – for FREE

It’s been a while since I last updated but my work behind the scenes to build a survival kit list hasn’t stopped.  I’ve been continuing my once monthly addition within my $25 monthly budget.  I’ve added some unique and interesting items to my survival gear list. [sc:call_to_action ] White Elephant Items in My Survival Equipment […]

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