Emergency Survival

Unique Survival Kit List Additions!

My slow and steady accumulation of items from my survival kit list continues.  Sometimes it’s a little boring but remembering the “why” of my project keeps me motivated to do the work – no matter how exciting or not. Once the big, major items from my survival kit list had been acquired and stored, the […]

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Survival Kit List Equipment Additions and New Storage Ideas

I’ve had a lot of progress on my survival kit list – equipment and storage as well!  The longer I am building my survival kit list and then stocking my survival kit with gear and equipment, the more fun I have.  Now, on to the updates! Dust Masks from Survival Kit List The smog stories […]

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Survival Kit List Lessons

Summer time always brings some interesting activity and clarity to my survival kit building.  I’ve continued to make my monthly additions and updates to my survival gear list – some good and some damaged. Summer has also provided a great opportunity to test my survival kit seeds again – and I have some very interesting […]

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