Bobwhite Quail

Calibrating the Seed Drill

My John Deere Type B Seed Drill needs to be calibrated so that it dispenses the seeds at a predetermined rate – usually pounds per acre. This drill emits seeds based on volume/size rather than weight. I learned how to calibrate a seed drill from this video. The first step is to get the drill […]

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Rebuilding a John Deere B Seed Drill for Bobwhite Quail Habitat Improvement

One of my biggest challenges raising bobwhite quail is managing and improving the habitat. The ranch is located in the Central Texas Hill Country and is typical Edwards Plateau grasses, shrubs, and trees. “Cedar” or Western Juniper trees are the most prominent invasive plant followed closely by King Ranch Bluestem. Both of these species act […]

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Rainwater Collection for Bobwhite Quail & Surrogator

Bobwhite quail don’t usually¬†need supplemental water. In fact, they satisfy most of their water needs from dew and metabolic water. That said, many desert quail do benefit from rainwater collection systems in the wild. But, bobwhite quail in a surrogator do need water.¬† And, in the hot TX summer, they drink a lot! Most recently, […]

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