Wild Quail Parts & Pieces #3

Each surrogator has a water supply and waterer.

Water is contained in a 15 gallon barrel on top of the surrogator.


The twist tie in this picture marks the water level in the water level indicator. During the trial run in the barnyard, I noticed a slight lead and wanted to measure the potential water loss during a week. It was negligible.


The water barrel feeds the white nipple waterer shown in this picture. Wild quail don’t necessarily need water but since these baby chicks are being raised on high protein food instead of insects, they do need additional water that wild quail don’t.


During the trial run in the barnyard, we had a late night visitor come take a closer look.


The two halves of the Surrogator XL are held together with clamps. I discovered that a zip tie to hold the clamps in the clamped position provided a measure of security. Older Surrogator models don’t have this feature and are more difficult to transport. The Surrogator XL is very easy to tear down and transport.


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