Week 4 of Cycle 3 of Raising Wild Bobwhite Quail

Week 4 and 5 raising wild quails is typically pretty quiet. The quail are strong and mature enough that the death losses are very minimal. This week, and probably due to the fact that these were 10 day old bobwhite quail rather than the typical day old quails that I start with, I added an additional 25# of check starter feed. I think that extra week of age at the start causes them to eat more feed. I can usually get a full cycle completed with only 50# of feed but I’d hate to run out of feed for the bobwhite quails in the very last week of the cycle. Next week, we will be releasing them on 9/11/10 – I’m going to call them the Patriot Batch!

This is a video of what it is like to be a bobwhite quail at five weeks old and living inside the Surrogator.