Week 3 in the Surrogator, Visitors and the Next Location

There were only two dead wild quail chicks this week so we’re down to 101 chicks in the surrogator.


The wild quail chicks appear to be healthy and growing quickly.


It is very important to adjust the height of the watering bar each week. The bottom of the watering nipples needs to be at eye level. It’s a bit of a challenge because you need to get down at their eye level and be patient to get the right height.


I use a Bushnell Game Camera to keep an eye on what’s happening when I’m not there. This is the first time I’ve seen raccoons visit. The Surrogator is very secure and they didn’t do any damage to the birds or the equipment.



I’m planning on running as many as four cycles of wild quail chicks this summer so I need to prepare a new location. This location has plenty of shade, relatively low wind and is near to some great quail habitat. We cleared the underbrush and poisoned the smaller weeds.

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