Selecting the Location

The location in the field for raising wild quail chicks in a Surrogator is very important. Specifically, there are a couple of criteria that are critical.
  1. They must be located in a shady spot to prevent overheating
  2. The N/S/E/W orientation must be with the brooder end facing the prevailing wind direction to prevent the heater from being blown out and protect the chicks from drafts.

We located a nice spot under a pair of trees with the proper wind orientation in the pasture. We selected this location for three reasons.

  1. The habitat in the general vicinity appeared to be good for quail – enough forbs and insects and sufficient cover from predators
  2. It was relatively easy to get to.


Deer Pea Vetch as an example of forbs that wild quail need.




The shady spot cleared between two trees with the proper wind orientation.