Reloading the Quails

After a successful release of the bobwhite quail, it’s time to clean and reload the surrogator.


The surrogator needs to be powerwashed to remove what the quail left behind. Since this is taking place out on a ranch, portability is important. I found this little Campbell Hausfield sprayer to be a very adequate unit.

Also, the water tank needs to be “sterilized” by rinsing it with a couple of teaspoons of bleach. This keep algae from growing in the tank and having an impact as you are raising quail.


Again, we used the recommended chick starter formula to attract them to the feed. The paper plates are on needed during the first week. Afterwards, the chicks will feed from the regular feeder.


Day old bobwhite quails are tiny little rascals. They come from my supplier in a cardboard box with four compartments.


This is a picture of day old quails in my hand so you can get a notion of the very small size of these bobwhite quail.


Here is an example of why the propane powered heating unit is so very important. Without an external heat source, the quails will pile up in an attempt to stay warm. The negative aspect of this piling up is that the quails will suffocate the bobwhite quail on the bottom of the pile and they will quickly die.



The surrogator has been reloaded in the area we prepared for them. We’re off on another five week cycle of raising quail!