Loading the Wild Quail Chicks

I ordered 125 1 day old wild quail chicks from a supplier in Mountain Home, TX. He graciously met me in Kerrville to deliver the birds.

The wild quail chicks were delivered in a small cardboard box. Hard to believe that there are 125 of them in there.
Well, maybe not. One day old wild quail chicks turn out to be rather small!
You can actually hold about 6 in your hand at a time.
Here are the wild quail chicks, loaded in the Surrogator.
The surrogator is divided into two sections – a brooding end that is completely enclosed where the heat, food and water are and the loafing end that has mesh wire sides. During the first week raising wild quail, the wild quail chicks are confined to the brooding end.
This is the surrogator locked and loaded with the first batch of wild quail chicks.


Update 9/2012

I’ve now raised two finished seasons of quail and am on my third season now.  Although the break over winter is nice, the challenge of figuring out the best way to care for the quail chicks is enjoyable and definitely worth the efforts.  Browse our different posts on raising wild quail here and read about our most recent season here.