About the Gentleman

My name is Jeff and I live in Central Texas.  I grew up in a small town in South Texas and lived on a ranch in my teens.  I wanted to be a veterinarian or ranch manager but wound up working in technology and now own a couple technology businesses – go figure.

But, my heart is still in the land, plants and animals.

I’ll be happy to spend the rest of my life learning and testing myself as I discover more about our world, how it works and how we can enjoy it now and make it better for the future.

What’s a Gentleman Farmer?  For purposes here, consider that a Gentleman Farmer is a person with a passion and curiosity for all things farming but also with the wisdom to know that his farming adventures are a hobby, not a job or source of income. This frees me up to make more mistakes and learn more without endangering the mortgage or shoes for the babies.

I’m particularly passionate about several subjects and have pulled together a number of previous websites under the heading of Gentleman Farmer. If this site appears a bit random, that’s why.  I’m refactoring the old articles to be more enjoyable. My daughters say I’m sorta random anyway. They say it beats being “basic”. I’ll go with that for now.

Also, a note about my photos and the watermarks. I dislike people taking and using my photos without my permission. I almost never charge anything and almost always freely share the original, large and un-watermarked photo when anyone just politely asks and offers a reasonably good reason for wanting it. If you’d like a copy of an image, I’ll usually give it to you just for the asking.

Thanks for visiting.

– Jeff