Week 3 of Cycle 3

The third week in the five week cycle for raising wild bobwhite quail was calm – especially since these birds were already a week old when we started them. Three died this week. These birds are substantially larger than the last cycle of bobwhite quail. [sc:rwqvid_call_to_action]   [sc:catlinks]    

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Week 2 of Cycle 3 for Bobwhite Quail

We lost nine birds in the previous week which is fewer than the 12-15 we typically lose in the first week. In this picture, you can see exactly how the watering system works – pretty ingenious! [sc:rwqvid_call_to_action]   The quails are healthy and vibrant. It is sort of surprising to see them at this size […]

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Bobwhite Quail Cycle #3

This time, my supplier didn’t have any day-old bobwhite quail chicks. He had 10-day old chick and said that he only used week old birds instead of day old birds. His reasoning is that he can shorten his surrogator cycle from five weeks to four weeks. I’ve noticed that the five week old birds aren’t […]

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