Week 2 of Cycle 3 for Bobwhite Quail

We lost nine birds in the previous week which is fewer than the 12-15 we typically lose in the first week.


In this picture, you can see exactly how the watering system works – pretty ingenious!




The quails are healthy and vibrant. It is sort of surprising to see them at this size with only a week in the surrogator but these birds were 10 days old when we put them in. The previous quail chicks were only a day old when we put them in.


Occasionally, I’ll get a funny picture on my game cam. This is obviously a wild bird that thought landing on the game cam would be a good idea.




Bobwhite Quail Cycle #3

This time, my supplier didn’t have any day-old bobwhite quail chicks. He had 10-day old chick and said that he only used week old birds instead of day old birds. His reasoning is that he can shorten his surrogator cycle from five weeks to four weeks. I’ve noticed that the five week old birds aren’t quite mature enough to fly really well. Since it’s pretty late in the season, I’ll surrogate these week old birds for five weeks and see if they fly (and survive) better with an extra week of feather growth.

You can clearly see that the 10-day old bird is quite a bit larger than the day-old quail chick.



We loaded 122 ten-day-old bobwhite quail chicks into the surrogator at the new location. This location is under a tree in a live oak mott and very close to a number of brush piles that should provide good cover when the quails are released.