Starting A New Season of Raising Quail

Welcome to Raising Wild Quail Love the process of raising quail?  We do, too!  Whether it’s repairing a surrogator, maintaining a healty environment for the quail, preparing quail feeders and more, we know that there is a lot to do and learn about.  If you are looking for help and guidance or just to share […]

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Week 2 in the Surrogator

Seven wild quail chicks died during the second week so the count in the Surrogator is now down to 103. The two week old wild quail appear to be very healthy and growing quickly. There also appears to be plenty of room for them in the surrogator. My bird dog appears to be particularly interested […]

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Initial Setup of a Surrogator in the Field

After selecting the location for our first field trial, it’s time to setup the Surrogator to house the wild bobwhite quail to release in the wild. We assembled the heating unit and the water so the wild quail chicks will have ample heat. Hard to imagine that they need heat in the TExas Summer but […]

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