Quail Hunting in Texas and a Euro Style Texas Pheasant Hunt

Quail hunting in Texas was a huge challenge last year. Even a Euro style Texas pheasant hunt was hard to get organized. Last year’s drought had a big impact on all of Texas’ upland birds – even the pen raised birds due to the extreme heat. Most of the Quail restoration organizations, including the Texas […]

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Argentina Dove Hunt from the Balcony

In November 2011, I had the pleasure of an Argentina dove hunt with Ramiro Allende of Puelo Expeditions.  I’ve known Ramiro for quite a few years from his visits to the United States to attend hunting trade shows.  I like Ramiro and he’s been very persuasive in his attempts to get me to hunt with […]

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Public Duck Hunting in Texas

I love duck hunting in Texas.  I used to belong to a duck hunting club on the Katy Prairie but resigned my membership this year and bought a small john boat and motor, along with a public hunting permit.  I live very near the COlorado River and wanted to experience more duck hunting and less […]

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