Texas Waterfowl Hunting – Early Teal Season

Texas waterfowl season is approaching rapidly.  It’s time to start scouting general locations and getting the gear cleaned up and repaired.  While the USFWS hasn’t set the final dates for late season waterfowl, the Early Teal Season dates have been set.  Time to get ready for some hot mornings, mosquitoes and another season to Texas […]

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Early Teal Portion of Duck Hunting in Texas

The Early Teal portion of the duck hunting in Texas Season makes me a little nuts. I wait for seven and one half months to get back in the water with my dog. I even start planning and purchasing decoys for my duck hunting in Texas as early as June. It is preceded slightly by […]

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Bird and Texas Duck Hunting Season Opening Dates

Preparation for Texas Duck Hunting needs to start well in advance of the setting of the season dates. The general dates are usually established late in the summer by the three nation (US, Canada & Mexico) wildlife agencies, formalized by the USFWS and then given to the states to amend. The individual states can shorten […]

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