A New Cycle of Raising Wild Bobwhite Quail

I always look forward to a new season and cycle of raising wild bobwhite quail.  This is my third year and I’m finally starting to see and hear the fruits of my labors.  We had a terrible drought last year and I doubted that any of the approximately 700 birds I’d released had survived.  I […]

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Wild Quail Release #4 and Wild Quail Feeders

I’ve noticed a lot of inquiries about wild quail feeders and feeding wild quail chicks and adults.  I have some experience with feed, feeding and feeders at all stages of life for wild bobwhite quail and I’ll outline what I’ve learned below.  I also need to close the chapter on last year’s final quail release […]

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Bobwhite Quail Cycle 4 for 2010

Fortunately, I was able to get one more batch of young bobwhite quail chicks and run a last cycle quail raising in the surrogator.  It is mid September now and we are very quickly reaching the end of the quail hatching season.  Running another surrogator cycle raising quail required the traditional cleanup, brush clearing and […]

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