Texas Duck Hunting in Rockport, Texas

The Texas Gulf Coast holds many thousands of ducks and is an excellent spot for some Texas duck hunting.  There are numerous guides available – I recommend Ace In The Hole Guide Service for outstanding Texas Duck Hunts.  Capt Brent is a long time friend an an outstanding hunting guide.  Brent uses either an air […]

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Bobwhite Quail Hunting – Finally!

It’s been two years of hard work tending 7 surrogator cycles but I finally have a large enough wild population of wild bobwhite quail for quail hunting.  The hot, dry Texas Summer has passed and the light rains and cooler temperatures are allowing the bobwhite quail habitat to improve rather quickly.  It’s also the end […]

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Scouting for Texas Duck Hunting

If you want to be successful Texas duck hunting, then you need to put in some scouting time.  I let my “duck club” membership lapse because I wanted to get a little more adventurous with my Texas duck hunting.  Instead of paying the duck club membership and hunt fees, I bought and fixed up a […]

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